A Comprehensive Review on Seiko Presage Automatic Men’s Watch SRPD97

The artistry behind the SRPD97J1 is deeply rooted in Japan’s horological history, a legacy that is embodied in every aspect of the timepiece. Craftsmanship is the heartbeat of Japanese culture, and Seiko’s commitment to preserving this heritage is evident in the Seiko Presage SRPD97J1.

From the selection of materials to the final quality checks, each step is infused with a reverence for tradition and an unwavering pursuit of excellence.

History of Seiko Brand

The history of the Seiko brand dates back to 1881, when Kintaro Hattori founded a small watch and jewelry shop in Tokyo, Japan. In 1892, he established the Seikosha factory, which would eventually become Seiko. Besides, Seiko gained prominence in the 1960s with groundbreaking innovations, such as the Seiko Astron. It was the world’s first quartz wristwatch in 1969. Throughout the years, Seiko continued to push technological boundaries with developments, for example:

  • Kinetic movement
  • Spring Drive mechanism

Today, Seiko offers a diverse range of watches, from affordable to high-end, showcasing innovation that has spanned over a century.

SRPD97J1 | Exquisite Timepiece to Relish

Unparalleled Design and Aesthetics 

The stainless steel casing of the SRPD97J1 is a wonder of stunning style and functionality. Its meticulously polished surfaces capture and reflect light in a captivating dance, sweetening the watch’s visual appeal. The case diameter of 38mm strikes a balance between classic proportions and modern preferences.

Moreover, it ensures that the timepiece is equally at home under the cuff of a dress shirt or paired with casual attire. The 11mm thickness adds depth and dimension to the watch’s profile. Furthermore, it creates a subtle visual statement that draws attention without overpowering.

The Essence of Timekeeping:

The Caliber 4R35 movement is at the heart of the SRPD97J1 watch. It is a finely made collection of gears, springs, and jewels. The automatic movement is a testament to Seiko’s dedication to horological innovation. It has combined decades of expertise with advanced technology.

Besides, the incorporation of 23 jewels within the movement reduces the friction. Above all, it guarantees that the SRPD97J1 remains an accurate timekeeper for generations to come.

Crystal Clarity and Durability:

The sapphire crystal adorning the SRPD97J1’s dial is a testament to the watch’s devotion to longevity and durability. Sourced for its exceptional hardness and scratch resistance, sapphire crystal safeguards the dial from the wear and tear of daily life. Moreover, the crystal’s innate clarity provides a distortion-free window into the dial. It further allows the hands and indices to be seen with outstanding sharpness.

Furthermore, its anti-reflective coating reduces glare, displaying optimal legibility under different lighting conditions.

A Glimpse Inside:

The transparency of the case back is an invitation to witness the intricate ballet of watchmaking artistry. Through this window, enthusiasts are treated to a mesmerizing exhibition of mechanical prowess.

The Caliber 4R35 movement’s balance wheel is a striking example of beauty in motion. Each graceful oscillation of the wheel reveals the seamless fusion of technical excellence and visual grace.

A Secure Companion!

The clasp of the SRPD97J1 offers more than just practicality; it enhances the across-the-board comfort and security on the wrist. The clasp’s design prevents accidental openings. This guarantees that the timepiece remains securely fastened throughout the day. Further, this attention to detail enhances the daily wear experience.

However, it lets the wearer focus on the watch’s elegance and performance without worrying about unexpected detachment.

Embracing Everyday Adventures

The SRPD97J1 becomes a reliable friend for life’s varied encounters with water resistance up to 30 meters. While not designed for deep-sea exploration, this level of water resistance equips the watch to endure the challenges of everyday life. It successfully manages rainfall, splashes, and the occasional immersion, demonstrating that the watch is a reliable travel buddy in a variety of settings.

What is the Price of Seiko SRPD971J1?

Priced at £326, the Seiko SRPD97J1 presents an affordable avenue into the world of Seiko’s watchmaking. Moreover, it allows individuals to embrace the brand’s legacy of quality and design without breaking the bank.

How to Maintain a Seiko Watch?

Regular Usage:

  • Wear your Seiko watch frequently to keep its movement well-lubricated and prevent it from becoming stagnant.
  • If you own multiple watches, ensure you put on your Seiko watch at least once every few weeks.


When not adorning your wrist, store the watch in a:

  • Cool, dry area
  • Away from direct sunlight
  • Safe from extreme temperature shifts

Further, if you have a watch case, utilize it to shield the watch from dust and potential damage.

Water Resistance:

Every Seiko watch has its unique water resistance level.

  • Refer to your watch’s specifications to determine its water resistance rating.
  • Abstain from exposing the watch to water beyond its indicated depth.
  • For water-resistant models, consider having a professional test its water resistance every 1-2 years.

Cleaning Routine:

Regularly wipe the watch with a gentle, lint-free cloth to eliminate dirt, sweat, and oils. If your watch is water-resistant, a rinse with lukewarm water can help dislodge accumulated debris. Besides, one needs to avoid abrasive substances or harsh chemicals that can mar the watch’s finish.

Strap and Bracelet Care:

Never expose watches with leather or fabric straps to dampness. Further, it might cause the material to deteriorate. Further, clean metal bracelets with a brush and mild soapy water. Thoroughly rinse and dry before wearing.

Crystal Maintenance:

Over time, the watch crystal may develop scratches. So, use a satiny cloth to softly buff out minor scratches. Deeper scratches might necessitate crystal replacement by an expert watchmaker.

Movement Care:

Like most mechanical watches, Seiko timepieces should be serviced by a professional every 3-5 years to ensure optimal performance. For quartz watches, anticipate battery replacement every 1-2 years. Entrust these tasks to authorized service centers to uphold warranties and quality.

Magnetic Precautions: 

Additionally, shield the watch from potent magnetic fields, for instance, speakers or MRI machines, as these can disrupt exact timekeeping.

Crowns and Buttons: 

If your watch features screw-down crowns or buttons, confirm they are properly secured after adjusting time.


As you buy the SRPD97J1, you embrace a legacy of craftsmanship, innovation, and timeless design. This timepiece is more than an accessory; it is a reflection of Seiko’s dedication to the art of watchmaking. The SRPD97J1 is a wearable masterpiece that encapsulates Japanese mastery and timeless elegance.

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