How to Build a WeGO Clone App: Cost, Features and Revenue

What it takes to build a profitable Taxi App? For every budding entrepreneur it is a burning question. On-demand Industry is raking with money, it no surprise that the Gen-Z is taken by this storm. So, if you are the next one in the line, dreaming to Make it Big, you are at the right page.
Of all On-demand App niches, Taxi Booking App is the most prospering one to go for. Traditional taxi offerings are a factor of the past. With the success of Taxi Booking App brands like Uber, Ola and Lyft, these apps are ruling the market.
Businesses are shifting their traditional taxi business practices to Online by hiring Taxi App Development Company.
This blog post targets to address questions like Cost of Taxi Booking App like WEGO, Features and Revenue generation.
So, let’s get started.

Brief Understanding Of On-demand Taxi Booking App

The on-demand taxi booking app is a platform that provides online services to users and transportation companies. Customers can book rides through their Smartphone, drivers can receive ride requests from an app or panel, and the Admin can perform operational functions online. Depending on the App, it comes equipped with features that enable seamless booking, payment processing, ratings, etc.

New and Dynamic Features Of WEGO Clone Taxi App

It is important that your App has all those impressive components that allows you to stay ahead in the competition. There are those usual features and then there are trending ones that offers a pleasant taxi booking experience to your users. You need them. If you are wondering which are those, here are some of the significant ones:

Live tracking activity
This feature, your users will always know about their taxi’s whereabouts. They receive the Live Updates about their Taxi’s Ride progress including details about your vehicle and driver.
The feature enables the user to effortlessly keep tab on the Taxi Activity without opening the App.

User rewards
Your Users shall earn coins for every taxi ride you take. The more miles they cover, more coins/rewards they earn. Additionally, they can redeem their coins on their future rides.

Multiple payment modes
Offering secured multiple payment modes where your customers are able to make taxi ride payments with ease. Debit card, Credit card, In-app Wallet, and Cash are the basic payment mode practices that should be available in Taxi Booking Apps.

Book ride for someone else
Book Ride for Someone Else allows users to book a ride for someone without an Uber Clone. The user simply has to tap ‘Book Ride for Someone Else’ if they want to book the taxi for someone else and then book the taxi. As soon as the reservation procedure is completed, the rider for whom the vehicle has been booked will receive an SMS notification.

Ride now or schedule later
Have the option of riding now or riding later. Ride request for later time will be auto sent to Drivers at range in due course. It is now easier for riders to schedule an appointment at the airport at 3 am.

OTP Verification to start with the ride
The Taxi Driver will ask for the OTP before starting the ride. It is a system-generated code that the user receives once the taxi is booked.

WEGO Taxi Clone App – Money Making Opportunities

Premium Rides
Introducing our taxi app, where your journey is as unique as you are.
WEGO Taxi Clone App offers personalized ride experience, making it special for every user. These premium rides are available with the branded car types like BMW, Mercedez, Audi, Lexus, Jaguar, etc. each carefully categorized to match your preferences. Whether you’re in the mood for a basic taxi rides or want a Luxury Taxi at your disposal, WEGO Clone Taxi App has it all.
Offering Luxury rides in Taxi Booking App Clone App also gains you a wider customer base.

The Commission
This source of income comes through drivers. App owners charge drivers a fixed fee, which varies between 20 and 25 percent per booking. In addition, aggregator apps also charge specific service charges to users/passengers for using the app and booking taxis through it. This amount is kept and added to the final bill only. Third, these apps also make money through cancellation fees. Once a user cancels a vehicle, he/she has to pay a certain amount as cancellation fee.

3rd Party Advertising
The most common way to monetize is to allow ads from other sources to be placed in your application. Third-party encouragement is essential to survive the long game. You can collaborate with brands and promote them effectively on your app’s homepage.
There are at times where 3rd party ad banners are from your friends, colleagues or family member who just want to put up to get the publicity. In such cases, there is no money involved between you and them so another way to earn money is cost per click or cost per mile.

Ride Cancellation
We understand that schedules can change in the blink of an eye. Thus incorporating Ride Cancellation feature can provide a smooth experience to your users.
Let your WEGO Taxi Clone App value your customer’s time and convenience above all else. Offering ride cancellation feature allows them to cancel the ride and provide you with the income every time the taxi gets cancelled.

Surge Pricing
Pricing in taxi booking apps is like an app telling you, “Hey, it’s really busy right now!” When more people want to ride and there aren’t enough drivers, prices go up temporarily. It’s all about encouraging more drivers to hit the road and pick you up when you need it most. While this may feel like a bummer, the good news is that surge pricing doesn’t last forever – as soon as demand returns to normal, prices go back down. So, it’s a bit like catching a wave during rush hour, but it helps ensure you can always rent a ride when you need it.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Taxi App like WEGO?

To determine the cost of Taxi Booking App Development, it has few considerations. This includes:

App complexities
The first thing to consider when deciding on a budget is app complexity. A more complex app will take longer; thus, it will require more manpower, thus requiring more budget compared to less complex applications.

Features and functionalities
Are you planning to add more features from scratch? If your answer is Yes, be prepared to invest huge. It may cost you a bomb. However, it is always suggested to have an MVP before entering the game.

OS Platforms
The size of an app for iOS will be different than an app for Android. So, if you are willing to develop an app for both the OS platform, it is likely to be expensive.

App Development location
Each country and city can have different prices for app development considering app development team, availability or resources and so on.

In Conclusion

In this fast pace world, embrace a convenient and cost-effective way to develop Wego Clone Taxi App. We recommend you to hire an App Development Company with good many years of experience and expertise in developing On-demand App for Global Clients.
Before confirming your App project, make sure to take the demo test and see how the app is performing in the real-time environment and ask for the changes accordingly. Also, check their client testimonials and know their work methodologies.
This way you will be able to launch a Taxi Booking App built with the trending features, and improved functionalities and launch it in two weeks.

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