Search Engine Ranking Factors That You Must Know!

This topic has been very controversial since no one can make out through which factor you can win the race of SEO(Search Engine Optimization). Still, through surveys and analysis, some common elements have come out. Approximately 200 ranking factors were taken into consideration and out of which most of them without a doubt must be given due attention. The relation between the ranking of a website and Google has proved to be the most reliable signal or factor. The complexity of algorithms in Google has a volatile nature, and it was found in the study that on-page coding is another influential factor for the website’s ranking.

Factors like domain age, website URL containing the main keyword, etc. elements have been proven useless or essential according to the survey. Many domain factors, such as domain age, do not make a difference anymore when it comes to ranking on search engines. Putting keywords in the title tag is the most critical and unignorable factor in SEO. The title tags that have the main keyword, in the beginning, perform better in search engines than others. Social media has come as the king out of 200 factors. The reason behind social media’s success in the ranking is that it contains the most significant part of the content. Unique linking between domain to domain and quality of brand affect search engine ranking.

SEO is not all about coding and putting keywords, but it is with a wise choice of keywords. As always, content is the most crucial part of SEO, where all the factors surround it. Also, quality linking helps in deriving the traffic to the right place, and hence it has been counted in top ranking factors. The quality number of outbound and internal links have a significant effect on each page of the website.

Generally, you must have heard a lot of times from SEO people that it is always good to have many internal links than external ones to your website. However, as many other sites will link your page, the content becomes accessible. Search engines give weight to the page where clicking rates of users are most. Relevancy of the topic is an essential part of linking; else, it’s spam.

From community pages, you can get most of the links directed towards your website without spamming. It would be best if you focused on link building from the biggest and the most relevant sites. One more crucial linking factor is both quality and quantity, as they equally help in website ranking.

Tags are other vital factors that have a high impact on your Google campaign. Meta tags and descriptions should be appropriately used for the visitors to avoid the mistake of clicking on the search engines listing. Descriptions and meta tags should not be long or short. Your website will have a successful ranking in search engines if you understand the importance of each factor and use it wisely.

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