The Importance of Enlisting a Professional for E-commerce Website Design

Hiring a professional eCommerce website designer is highly a matter of personal choice. However, associated with a range of benefits that a website owner may compromise once they decide to design a website personally.

With the advancement in technology, many online retailers find themselves creating and opening up online stores themselves. Depending on the platform and their interests, it may only require selecting a template, customizing it, and there you go.

The accessibility of themes, drag and drop possibilities, readily available web hosting plans, and content management systems like WordPress simplify one’s journey for embarking on online business, but not in all cases. Ecommerce sites, for example, are complex projects that require newer technologies, technical expertise, and bigger hosting plans. Any online merchant that desires to stay ahead of the competition, attract reliable website traffic, and prep the store for excellence must consider a professional website designer.

Features of an Ecommerce Website 

 Ecommerce websites are generally designed to operate glitch-free 24/7. To ensure that the shopping site is fully functional, scalable, and maintainable, here are a few features that an eCommerce site must possess.

Essential elements of any website include navigation, visual design, and content, but there are extended features that eCommerce websites must possess. Some of them depend on the selected eCommerce platform and  are categorized under catalog management, customer management, content management, order management, SEO, analytics and reporting.

The Choice You Have to Make! 

The success of a shopping website depends on a range of factors that stretch from the type of products offered, website design, and its capabilities. Most eCommerce platforms possess standard features; however, additional functionalities are achievable and at times facilitated by third-party integrations. Any idea of what could stand ideal for your online business?


Magento is popular for many reasons, and there is no way one can open up an online store before considering Magento. This particular eCommerce platform is currently under the Adobe umbrella, and like before, it offers smart eCommerce solutions that include effective store management, customer relations, sales tracking, and inventory control. If you choose Magento, you will swing into an array of customization possibilities, scalability, and SEO-friendly features. However, Magento’s SEO features could require advanced knowledge to leverage their potential. Another bitter part is the cost of running an online store on the platform, especially with hundreds of pages and products.


We love it, and if you want to open an immediate store, Shopify is the answer due to its plugin capabilities. Although you can create an online store and start selling instantly, that’s not the case with an eCommerce site built on Shopify. You require an experienced developer to fully leverage Shopify’s capabilities that include speed, security, and integrations. On the other hand, Shopify’s SEO features aren’t highly reliable.


Many love WooCommerce because it’s a WordPress plugin and has a secure payment gateway, but consider all options before settling for WooCommerce. It may not be the best option if your main focus is scalability and running a fully functional eCommerce website. The list of competent eCommerce platforms goes on to Wix, Squarespace, and Volusion, and a professional web designer can help you figure out what will work best for your business

Why a Professional eCommerce Site Designer?

Professional eCommerce web designers aren’t generally individuals but accomplished digital agencies or companies specializing in building websites. Whether it’s a business website or an eCommerce site, each project is given a custom plan. It involves selecting a suitable platform, coding, and choosing a web hosting service that is secure and fast. The goal is to optimize the site to meet specific business needs and those of a customer. More to that;


Ecommerce website development requires technical assistance with the fact that we see newer technologies every other day. Professional website builders put that into consideration, offering you the latest technologies that will ensure all-round site efficacy, user experience and security. Besides, they ensure that your site is SEO friendly to attract traffic, has a secure payment gateway and backups.

A Custom Design/ Customization 

Exposure means a lot to any business, and a unique web design can help a business achieve a mileage of goals. A custom design requires a website development company to start from scratch while crafting your website. The site’s structure highly revolves around the nature of the business and what it offers. The text and the graphics are aligned to help a business achieve its goals smoothly. Navigation is another crucial element of a website that a designer must take into account.


Although eCommerce sites may look alike, some features make a shopping site stand out. A professionally designed eCommerce website guarantees success in the long run, sales growth, leads, conversions and allows merchants to gain an edge over the competition. It’s all because the site is prepped to offer the best user experience, accessibility and load time. With a professional web designer, you tap into better creativity, decisions, and experience. All you have to do is express your business goals to the designer, from which he will develop a guide for crafting your website.

Tethering Digital Marketing Efforts

The success of online stores doesn’t solely depend on the products offered but also on the internet marketing efforts you choose. A website alone is a reliable tool in promoting a brand as it can attract browsers worldwide. It’s possible to fetch excellent marketing results when marketing efforts are directed to your website—for example, search engine optimization, social media integration, promotions, email marketing, among others. With a well-crafted website and viable marketing solutions, a business can generate more leads and conversions through engaging content.

A Reliable Responsive Design

Unlike a decade ago, customers are now fond of using mobile phones to place orders or search for answers on the internet. Over 75% of people today use smartphones, and shopping is one of the commonest online activities. With more and more people using smartphones, a responsive design promises better outcomes for an eCommerce website. A responsive design automatically adjusts to suit a given screen (smartphone, tablet, desktop). It helps a website be accessible regardless of the user’s device, which enhances the user experience.

How Much Will It Cost Me?

Unlike other websites, eCommerce websites are quite costly to develop, and the price you pay highly depends on the scale of your needs. Also, different eCommerce website designer agencies charge differently, and it depends on the selected service package. After designing and developing a website, you will automatically require a hosting solution.

A hosting service helps a website join the world wide web, and one can pay for the server either on a monthly or annual basis. Different digital companies showcase varying packages. Depending on the package, you may get a free domain, responsive design, SEO, website speed optimization, website content, SSL Certificate, and graphics design.

Additional services include SEO (search engine optimization), Social Media Marketing (SMM), and web hosting solutions in other digital agencies. Obtaining an SSL certificate is crucial to ensure a safe experience for your users.

Finding a Professional eCommerce Website Designer

Well, it might prove challenging to find a professional eCommerce website designer who will understand your needs and author them into reality. Whether you’re new to the eCommerce sphere or an enterprise-level eCommerce business, you need a website designer who will understand your business needs and goals. The first step is to search through the designer’s clientele and customer reviews to know whether the designer/ agency can meet your expectations.

If you need the best-in-class eCommerce solutions, Kinex Media is ready to take you on a seamless journey. We design, develop and offer a diverse range of eCommerce services that cultivate business growth besides meeting customer expectations. We’ve worked on projects of all sizes across industries and managed to drive magnificent results for our clients.


Unlike working with a freelancer, which could seem budget-friendly, a professional eCommerce website development agency promises better outcomes due to the involved pool of expertise. The emphasis stretches from just the aesthetic elements of a site to technical aspects. Ultimately convincingly, you’re guaranteed more scalable, manageable, and secure online business operations. The project may take up to a month or more, depending on the size. Communicate your needs to the developer accordingly to meet your expectations in the long run.

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